A New Diet?

I thought of this new diet plan…it’s called eat with a baby/toddler.  If you want to lose your appetite, try it out.  Last week, G, my mom and I went to Red Robin with little Kai.  And while I still ate, it was not nearly as much as usual.

Kai and George started the meal with a little coloring.


But the coloring stopped as soon as the fries came out.  Unfortunately (for me), Kai has an obsession with ranch dressing.



Ranch dressing grosses me out in general and watching Kai try to drink it out of the container and smear it all over himself almost put me over the edge.  He ended up going through 3 containers of the stuff (don’t tell my brother or his wife).

Thank god my mom ordered him a cheeseburger because I don’t think I could have handled seeing him eat something else that would end up all over everything.


Obviously, seeing all the grossness turned G and me a little (more) crazy because we ended up doing this:


I know, we have issues.

So there’s my diet tip.  You’re welcome.

On a side note, I received this image from Lindsey last week and I think it describes my thought process perfectly.


LOVE!!!  Thanks Lindsey!

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1 Response to A New Diet?

  1. Cindy says:

    LOVE IT and I can relate I have a two year old 🙂

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