Kind of Made My Ovaries Hurt

Well, we finally got to meet our little nephew yesterday and, surprisingly, he’s pretty adorable.


Most newborns freak me out a little, but this one wasn’t too bad.


And seeing his little, tiny self kind of made my ovaries hurt.  Usually, when I see babies (or kids in general) I want to get my tubes tied.  Don’t worry, though, I don’t have baby fever…it would take a miracle for that to happen (and more than the “miracle of life”).


But I think he might have made G’s ovaries hurt too.

Oh and did you want to find out the little bundle of joy’s name?

Kazuma…he will either be called Kaz or Zuma, that’s still up for debate.

Kai is pretty excited about his new brother and is ready to be the most amazing brother ever.


The happy family is now at home trying to adjust to life with a newborn and a two year old.


Umm, good luck?!!

Finally, in completely unrelated news, my brother got his braces off!!!


He got them off a few weeks ago, but this was the first time I’d seen him…yay Jeff!  He’s the only kid in our family that needed braces and he didn’t get them until he was an adult…totally worth it.

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