A Friendly Competition

At Mia’s birthday, Matt planned a golfing activity.  He took over the park across the street and set up a 9-hole course call The Mia Open.


There were small orange flags where you teed off and then yellow flags with hoops for the holes:


There were prizes for 1st and 2nd place and then at the 9th hole, there was a prize for the closest to the hole (that’s why there are more orange flags there).  Do you know what the prizes were?  Nordstrom gift cards!!!



There were some serious golfers out that and while G and I tried our best, we got killed.

Jack won…he golfs twice a week.  Not fair.


So we went inside to sing to Mia and shove a cupcake in her face.


Poor Mia…she had all these weirdos staring at her:


G felt a little left out so Matt’s Aunt Deb gave him a little love so he’d stop crying.


And then we went to eat some food!

Caprese Salad:



Macaroni and Cheese:


Coconut Rice and Mango:


Chicken Drumettes:




There were also sliders with all the toppings.  Needless to say, G and I weren’t starving.

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4 Responses to A Friendly Competition

  1. katie says:

    i love your friends’ house!

  2. OMG her first birthday party was nicer than any birthday party I’ve ever had! I’m feeling a little jipped in life ;).

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