The Day in Photos

G and I both had a pretty busy day.  It’s hard work getting ready for a one year old’s birthday party!

G started his day on the golf course.


And I started (and ended) my day in the kitchen.



Yeah, there’s a lot of chocolate covered desserts in the house right now.  And we had some chocolate left over so I started dipping random stuff in it:


Those are Pretzel Crisps in the back and graham crackers in the front.  I think both were a big hit, but the Pretzel Crisps were gone the fastest…something about the salty/sweet combination.

Oh and that reminds me of one of G’s favorite jokes

Q: Why don’t women need watches?

A: Because there’s a clock on the stove!

The funny part about the joke is that if George really thought that, I would punch him in the balls!

Okay, now it’s time for some random pictures!!!

G pretending he knows how to play golf:


The guys pretending they are not upset G doesn’t know how to play golf:


G pretending he has a loving wife and child:


Mia rocking her skinny jeans:


Rocky ignoring the entire group:


Bella looking like she might claw someone’s face off:


The parents trying to understand how they’re related to some of us:


And George hanging with some other hot chicks:


Side note: G is embarrassed by his outfit in this picture. 

It’s been a busy day and we haven’t even had the party…it’s cray-cray over here.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!!

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3 Responses to The Day in Photos

  1. Dad says:

    George, I like your favorite joke, but it will probably get me in trouble. Also, even I know you don’t wear stripes with plaid…..but guess it is ok in the NW where you don’t get the opportunity to wear shorts that often. (It is 115 here now)

  2. Diane says:

    I LOVE Mia and her skinny jeans! And I can’t BELIEVE G’s outfit! Too funny!

  3. Those skinny jeans are so freaking adorable!!!! And the pretzel crisps in chocolate?? OMG so brilliant…I am definitely going to try that! I love the salty/sweet combo!!

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