Movie and then Dinner

Because it was about 4,000 degrees in South Jesus yesterday, G and I decided to head to the movies!  We haven’t been for a while and I wanted to spend the day in air conditioning.  When we go to a movie at Regal Cinemas we always get the same thing: 2 medium drinks and a large popcorn…it’s one of their deals, like a #1 or something.  Anyway, we also get a tray.


Do we use the tray to hold our drinks and popcorn?  No.  I break the tray down like this:


To cover the holes as well as possible so that when I pour the popcorn in, it (hopefully) won’t fall through the bottom.


See?  It worked!  You might be asking why I had to pour the popcorn in the tray…well, at Regal, you get free refills when you buy a large popcorn!!  And we’re so fat that we always get a refill, even if I don’t eat any popcorn (G will just eat two buckets)!

And this makes G happy!


G showed me this trick when we first started dating and went to the movies ALL the time.  Yes, that’s one of the reasons I married him.  The other was to get on his health insurance.

After eating two buckets of popcorn we decided to head out for more romantic-ness:



Well, it wasn’t that romantic for me because G was actually on a date with his mistress:


His phone.  I’m so jealous.

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3 Responses to Movie and then Dinner

  1. That popcorn idea is genius!

  2. Marcy says:

    I know some persons who shall remain anonymous who get the refill just to take the popcorn home. But I think it gets stale quickly, but maybe that is just my imagination

  3. Megan My Day says:

    See I pour mine into the box not for a free refill but so the butter and salt can cover all the popcorn and not the top.

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