Healthier Camping Eats

Well, apparently I got a little too busy yesterday and did not have time to write my camping food post after all.  Oh well, here it is!

First, let me just clarify that we didn’t eat really healthy while we were camping, we just ate healthier…there’s a big difference.

First up on Friday night, Tim made pork loin with cantaloupe and a corn/vegetable salad.


While I’m not usually a pork fan (it’s the Jewish coming out in me…actually, I don’t think I have any Jewish in me), this was really good and it was very lean.  That was George’s plate but he had seconds and probably thirds of everything.  It was really good and Jack couldn’t resist it either:


And then Tim frosted a spice cake for dessert!


Okay, the cake wasn’t healthy, but the good news is that we didn’t eat the entire thing.  That was a miracle.

While we waited for the cake, G and I worked on perfecting our pose together.


The next day, Tim was on the schedule again to make breakfast.


He made French toast!  Okay, I know that wasn’t that healthy either, but it tasted really good!


Julia loved it:


And I looked like a crazy person:


As you can see in the background, Hart had to hold Natalie and watch the rest of us eat.


Poor Hart.

For lunch, Laura and Hart made chicken dogs and arugula salad:


They bought a trailer this year and it has an outdoor kitchen…how cool is that?!!!


A great camping lunch!

And then I was up for dinner.  I wanted to do something that didn’t require a lot of work so I put some frozen chicken breasts in the crockpot with taco seasoning and salsa and let it cook for about 6 hours.


After it cooked, I shredded it with two forks and used it as filling for chicken soft tacos!



It was so easy and everyone loved them!

Well, not everyone, Jack and Max were pretty tired so they just slept.


After dinner, I served the cake I made before we left.



It was gooooooooood.  And completely unhealthy.

But that didn’t stop G from digging into it right before we went to bed!


While I didn’t eat any before bed, we finished off the dessert on the drive home.  We have no self-control.

Obviously we were starving on Sunday morning for breakfast and we were scheduled (with Laura and Hart) to make it.  We decided to use the leftovers from the chicken soft tacos and make breakfast burritos!


Hart put together an egg scramble with sausage and I brought the toppings and more cantaloupe.


A pretty excellent breakfast.

Overall, our camping food was much healthier than normal and we everything tasted great!  Impressive, very impressive.

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  1. Yum! I love making anything in the crockpot!!

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