Screaming Like a Girl

On Sunday, G and I headed to Maupin, Oregon to go rafting.  We met up with Ann Marie in Portland so we could all drive together.

The crew

G’s always happy to pose with two chicks.

We were a little concerned about going rafting because when we left Portland it was cloudy and pretty cool.  And as we drove it didn’t get much better.


But once we got over Mt. Hood, it began to get beautiful.



After driving two hours from Portland and three hours from South Jesus, we made it to Maupin.


And we got ready to raft!


It’s been a while since I went rafting and G’s never been so we were excited.  These were the rafts:


We actually bought Groupons to go rafting so the trip was something like $30 per person.  And it was a 3 hour rafting trip down the Deschutes River.

A lot of it was just floating down the river, but there were a few class 3 rapids and one class 4 rapid.  Totally, totally fun.  And they even had people along the river taking pictures!  So we spent another $30 on five dumb pictures, but it was worth it.


That’s our guide, Will, in the back.  He was there to make sure we didn’t die or flip over.



Obviously, G and I were very excited to wave at the cameraman.


We all had to jump in the bottom of the raft when we went into that rapid.  The next time we had to jump in the boat G took all the space…jerk.


And no one fell out!  I was sure G was going to fall out and no one would be strong enough to get him back in the raft.  But he did great and was determined not to fall into the water.  Although he did scream like a girl when the water splashed him.

And that was hilarious.

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11 Responses to Screaming Like a Girl

  1. dino40pun says:

    Can I just say that I look forward every day to reading your hilarious life tales? I’m pretty sure that if we lived in the same city we would be BFF’s because you crack my shit up. As the wife of a black man I am SHOCKED that you got him to go White Water Rafting! I’ve been trying to con my husband into doing that for years but he keeps telling me “black people don’t swim”. I think it’s really because he watches way too many episodes of “River Monsters”. Now I’m going to show him this post and be like “BOO YEA!”. Anywho, you have an absolutely adorable family and from one mixed couple to another I just wanted to say hey!

    • I totally understand…on our way to rafting G said “black people don’t go rafting”. Fortunately, he does pretty much anything I say and he doesn’t want to look wimpy. He also said that black people don’t go skydiving, well he did on his 50th birthday. I surprised him and he didn’t have time to say no. Too bad, so sad. Thanks for reading!! Go mixed couples!!!

  2. Dad says:

    Sort of hard to pick out George in the picture………. Looks like a lot of fun.

  3. BlondiesBabble says:

    I loveeee Maupin! My family friends own the Maupin Market!! Box car is my favorite rapid! Thanks for sharing the pictures – I miss Oregon like crazy! xo

  4. Shelly says:

    Hey – I’m heading to Maupin this weekend!! We do a girls’ weekend / rafting trip every summer …. this is our 7th year. Always a blast!

  5. MaryAnne says:

    We did that same rafting trip many years ago – it was totally fun until we hit a bump at the top of that class 4 and my brother-in-law fell off the back and went down kind of UNDER the boat instead of inside it and then somehow was ahead of us so we couldn’t even try to get him back in the boat. He had a really difficult time getting back to shore and we were not looking forward to going home and telling my 8 months’ pregnant sister that her baby daddy was last seen floating toward the confluence with the Columbia River …

  6. jswesner says:

    What a great trip. I am heading to the Northwest in a week. A rafting trip sounds divine!

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