Running, Bowling and a Breeder

I only have time for a quick recap of the weekend so here goes.

On Saturday morning, I did a 10 mile run.  I wanted to feel like this:


But, I felt more like this:


After taking a shower (and a nap), G and I headed to bowling with our friends Keri and Evan.  The best part of the night…my outfit.


And the picture G took of me, which makes me look about 50 pounds less than I actually weigh.  Perfection.

On Sunday, I headed to Portland to help my knocked-up sister do a little nursery decorating:


She’s having a girl and the kid’s name will be Kennedy (obviously).  Also, the lucky kid will have my name as a middle name!  How cool is that…Kennedy CatasTrophy Wife!

Again, perfection.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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