Eats and Creatures

As you know, we went camping over the weekend.


Because I was so busy last week, we were only able to go for one night and got to the campsite at around 11:20 am on Saturday.  I was in charge of lunch for the crew so I had to get things started.

I usually make a couple of big casseroles, but I wanted to try something different.


Bring on The Pioneer Woman’s Mini Meatball Sandwiches!!!  I made the meatballs on Saturday morning before we drove to the campsite so I just had to reheat them when we got there.  It was actually pretty easy and everyone loved them!



I tripled the recipe and served them with some chips.  Easy enough and a great camping meal.  I also took a Toffee Gooey Butter Cake


But that was devoured before I could get a picture.  Fatsos.

For dinner Saturday night, we had hot dogs (courtesy of Emily and Jamison)…chicken pesto, chicken garlic and all beef hot dogs.  Fancy times at the campsite.  Of course I forgot to take pictures of the hot dogs, but I did manage to get a picture of the tomato, mozzarella and cucumber salad my brother brought.


It looks kind of sad there all by itself, but I promise that it was really good.

Kai and Julia had important discussions about the quality of the dinner.


And then G pretended to have a mail order bride…


And a knocked-up girlfriend on the side.


Side note: If G ever tried to pose with his had on my stomach, I’d punch him in the balls.

On Sunday morning, my mom baked a batch of blueberry muffins…


And made pancakes too!


Of course, we had about a billion snacks in between each meal…we didn’t want to run out of energy.

As usual, we had our creatures with us too.  Jack was loving life:


Barbara was keeping watch:


Bailey was trying to find her brain:


And Max worked on perfecting his impersonation of a polar bear:


Gotta love the dogs!

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5 Responses to Eats and Creatures

  1. Emily says:

    Wow, you guys camp in style – looks like good grub! I’ll be making your recipe for meatball subs and toffee cake!

  2. jswesner says:

    Looks like a wonderful time. Love your comments about the dogs!

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  4. Rain says:

    You all eat SO good when camping!!! Looks like tons of fun!

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