A Balls to the Wall Month

Another month is over so it’s time for a mileage recap!

After having 5 months where my totals were in the 60-70 mile range, this month was crazy!


It helped that I signed up for 3 races and committed to doing the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak (only 4 days left!!!).  So here you go:

Running: 75.3 miles

Biking: 37.45 miles

Stairmill: .75 miles (that was hard)

Total miles: 113.5


As you can see, I’m ahead of my yearly goal to complete 800 miles of activity.  Pretty cool.

Pretty f*cking cool.

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3 Responses to A Balls to the Wall Month

  1. Trisha says:

    Go you! Great job all around! I should really count my mileage for the year, I have no idea what it’s at. My streak ended on day 22 because I…yep….forgot to run one day. Can you believe that crap?! Be easy on me, though – I have been busy selling my house, looking for houses across the country and dealing with movers. It’s been a monster of a month, probably would be better to restart the streak when I am in Sunny San Diego! Haha.

    BTW I love your blog posts. I don’t usually comment, I know, but I read every single day. I feel like I know you! ha! You’re always good for a chuckle.

    • Good job on 22 days!! That’s great. There are days I wish I forgot to run, especially when I was heading to the gym at 9 pm. And yes, it will be a lot easier to run when you’re in San Diego…you might even see George III.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!! Good luck with the move!

  2. Rain says:

    Nice mileage! You are really stepping it up!
    Happy Anniversary also 🙂

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