Shop and/or Eat ‘Til You Drop

After I finished the run on Saturday morning, I met up with Ann Marie for lunch and shopping.  This is becoming something of a routine for us.


Ann Marie had heard good things about Morso in Portland’s Pearl District so we met up there.


It’s a cute little place with the motto “simple food reimagined”.  I like simple food so I was excited to try this place out.  I also like to make Ann Marie take 100 pictures of me so I had that to look forward to as well.  She refuses to get too close to me, though, and likes to take pictures from far away.


I prefer close-ups!


I ordered a latte and a caprese sandwich.


Ann Marie ordered a tuna sandwich and both sandwiches were amazing!  Absolutely amazing.

After eating we headed out to shop.  We stopped at a bakery and got snickerdoodle cookies on the way to Nordstrom.


I really love walking around Portland and I can’t wait to move back here…even though that’s not going to happen for at least a few years.


We walked around for hours.  I think we met up at around 12:30 pm and I didn’t head home until about 5:30 pm.  We mostly ate, walked and talked with a little shopping thrown in there.  My big purchases were a pair of sunglasses ($12) and a pair of Sperry’s Top-Siders for G…I might have to do a post about those bad boys.  Not surprisingly, G loves them.

At then end of the day, as we walked back to our cars, we decided to stop for one more treat!


We stopped by SkinnyDip for frozen yogurt.  We both got vanilla with mochi balls on top.  I’d never had mochi and now it’s a favorite!

This is why I love hanging out with Ann Marie.  I know we will always have good food, laugh a ton and walk our balls off.

As she said, it was a “perfect Saturday”.

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2 Responses to Shop and/or Eat ‘Til You Drop

  1. Portland looks like a fun city! Love mochi in my fro yo 🙂

  2. SkinnyRunner says:

    i wanna go to skinnydip!

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