Draw Something

Are you playing this game?!!! Oh my balls, I am totally obsessed with it.  For those that don’t know about this game, you play it with friends.  You draw a picture for them and they have to guess what it is.  Then they draw a picture for you!

This really allows me to show off my amazing drawing abilities:


Is that just about the best wizard you’ve EVER seen?

And I was so excited when I saw this word come up:


So get out there and DRAW SOMETHING!  It’s amazing and I’m always surprised with how my drawing ends up.

I mean, has anyone ever drawn a jacket that looks this good?


And the eyes are so realistic.

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1 Response to Draw Something

  1. I am so finding you! I love DS. My name on there is runnergirlchels28. Let’s play!! 🙂

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