Through the Years

My mom has my high school senior picture in her office.  When I took that picture out to take a picture of it (that’s how we make a digital picture in the CTW household), I saw that she had about a billion other school pictures in there of me.  I couldn’t resist taking pictures of those as well.  So, here you go (I think these are in the right order):

Fourth Grade:


Fifth Grade:


Sixth Grade:


Seventh Grade:


Eighth Grade:




Sophomore Year:


Junior Year:


I stopped playing soccer this year…and that’s why I’m so, so very pale.

Senior Year:


Is it weird that I don’t even remember looking like I did in most of those pictures?  I remember looking like that in high school, but not earlier.  What’s changed now is that I thought I looked okay in high school.  Now, I’m not so sure and I’m just thankful I had friends.  That’s right…more than one.  I’m surprised too.

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3 Responses to Through the Years

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  3. Heidi says:

    You were beauteous and still are! I’m glad you were my friend even if you thought I was a dork 🙂

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