Keep Her Entertained

On Saturday, I needed an activity to do with Toya to keep her from bothering me entertained.  My friend, Lindsey, just had surgery (again) so I thought it would be nice if we made her some cookies.  I let Toya decide what we should make…she said chocolate cookies.  After searching Pinterest, I came across this recipe for Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies.

They are basically regular chocolate chip cookie ingredients with the addition of cocoa powder.


Pretty easy.  We decided to make a double batch so we could eat some, give some away and Toya could take some home with her.  I started out by showing her how to measure ingredients and then let her try it out.



OMG, this was basically torture to watch because I just wanted to do it for her.  I already know I’m a horrible teacher and this didn’t help.  Plus, I made her wash her hands just about every 12 seconds because I was afraid of what she was doing when I wasn’t watching.  I know, I’m a psycho.  Whatever.

I let her crack two eggs (I cracked the other two).  When she cracked the first one, she basically squashed the egg in her hand and I freaked out.  I don’t know how shells did not end up in the batter.  I made her crack the other using both hands.


After mixing everything together Toya was up my ass politely asked to lick the beater.


She’d already consumed about 2 tons of sugary cereal by this point so I only have myself to blame for any (and all) of her behavior.  And, of course, I gave her the beater…that’s the best part!

While I baked the cookies, Toya watched another movie (or two) and waited to see end the result.


I’m not a big chocolate fan, but these cookies were good.  As the cookies baked, the chocolate chips moved to the middle of them so there ended up being a surprise layer of chocolate when you bit into them.  Not too bad.

We had a really great time with Toya and it will be a lot of fun to do it again.  Maybe with a little less sugar.


For both of us.

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