Forty-eight hours with a twelve year old is just about 45 hours too long.  Wow, it was hard work and I really didn’t even do anything.  Thank god for Netflix and instant streaming.  I think Toya ended up watching about 10 movies while she was with us.  Yes, I’m an incredible baby-sitter.

We did do some fun stuff, though.  First up, we went to the hair salon.



I was pretty jealous and after looking at my roots in the mirror for an hour, I almost shaved my hair off.  Maybe next time.

After the hair salon, we went to the grocery store to pick up a ton of junk food.  Toya picked out cereal, snacks, a couple of Lunchables (her special request) and we got some stuff to make cookies.  It was quite a haul that included no food with nutritional value.

And then we waited for G to come home so we could go to Red Robin.


Toya saw the games when we walked in and was dying to play them.  She brought some of her own money and when she saw her favorite game:


She was ready to play.  I’ve never won anything on that game so I was shocked when she brought this back to our table:


She won that on her first try!  WTF?!!  And then after we ate she won another one…on her second try!


We also ended up going back on Saturday (only for the game, not to eat…we have some limitations) AND SHE WON ANOTHER ONE!



I couldn’t believe it…that girl’s got some skills.  And she’s even nice, too (she’s obviously not blood-related to me).

She didn’t really like the second toy she won…so she gave it to Jack!


Jack was thrilled and couldn’t wait to show his new friend the backyard.


And then he rolled on him.


Poor toy.

I’ll do a post tomorrow about our cookie baking…I’m still recovering and I’m not ready to re-live those moments.  Hope you’re having a great Memorial Day weekend!!

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1 Response to Recovering

  1. Hubbie says:

    Her hair looks great; but you look like you got your hair done also! I had fun with my new niece!

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