Another Milestone

Not only am I married to a man that’s 51 years old, but now all of my step-children have graduated from high school.  Crazy times.

And George is in California attending his youngest son’s high school graduation!

photo (2)

That’s George III on the left, Michael in the middle, and G on the right.  G told me the ceremony was great and Michael gave an excellent speech (the teachers selected him to give a speech during the ceremony)!  Pretty cool.

While in California, G’s been hanging with these peeps:

photo (1)

By hanging with, I really mean they are babysitting him.  Because I wasn’t able to go to the graduation, George III and his wife, Courtney, had the unfortunate luck of having to fill in as G’s babysitter.  At least there are two of them.  And I don’t think it needs to be mentioned, but…umm, like father, like son.


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6 Responses to Another Milestone

  1. brandyp0509 says:

    Great looking bunch and congrats to G’s son on his graduation. My oldest niece graduates tonight, while I’m beyond proud, I’m having a panic attack over sitting through a graduation, Jesus I barely made it through mine alive almost died from boredom! I think I would enjoy having such older step-kids. I would tell complete strangers I had “x” amount of kids (not telling them they were step-kids) and then their ages and watch them try and figure out if you were ten when you had them, hahaha. Then too I enjoy every year at church when they recognize mine and my husband’s wedding anniversary and then a few months later realizing our oldest child is actually older than our marriage, hahaha. I’m perverse in so many ways.

    • OMG, graduation ceremonies are so dreadful…even when you’re the one graduating! And yes, it is fun to tell people I have a 27 and 17 year old sons and let them try to figure that out. I love the stuff about your anniversary and your oldest child, that is great.

      • brandyp0509 says:

        Last nights graduation honestly took the cake, NEVER have I been to one this horrible, total cluster f#@% which was fabulous in some ways, made it go faster for sure and gave us all something to laugh at.

      • I’m actually sad that I missed this..I really love laughing at something that’s a complete failure.

  2. Great looking bunch!

  3. Hubbie says:

    I had such a great time watching Michael graduate…& his speech was so impressive! I also got to see my God-kids in L A; so it was a very productive trip. We all wished that you had made it though.

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