Plus this:


Equals seven hellish miles on the treadmill.

While I’m happy to have those seven miles over with, I’m not looking forward to more long runs before the 1/2 marathon next month.  On the other hand, it makes running 3 miles seem like nothing…which is really a miracle.

And that’s your running update.

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3 Responses to Seven

  1. brandyp0509 says:

    Ya know I’ve been a treadmill “runner” for years always doing anywhere from 3.5-10 miles on days I didn’t want to kill people. Then for the last three months I was told to stop running due to back issues which will lead to a spinal fusion. Anyway, I have always hated the treadmill but it was there and it was easy and there isn’t anywhere safe to run near my house, I have to drive a ways to go some place comfortable so I always stuck it out on the treadmill. Fast forward to April 28th, I still had not been given the okay to go back to running so I had been making sure I was walking at least 5.5 miles on the treadmill daily, which blows btw. Anyway, my daughter is wanting to get into cross country running so I trained her daily at a local trail track and I mostly walked sometimes would jog a bit but I had gotten to wear I was walking 3.5 miles within 35 minutes, which is damn fast though about 12 minutes slower than running the same distance. Anyway, we had signed up for the 5k, my first real “outdoors” run and I did have to walk quite a bit of it, ran about four separate legs of it and I have to say that I would take outdoor running over treadmill any day. There was such a bigger sense of accomplishment to cross a finish line ya know? I have just now been given the okay to do a slow jog and have six weeks of PT three times a week to see if that will get me back in shape but I have decided that from here on out, I will run outside every chance I get and only use the treadmill when the weather doesn’t permit because it’s just more of a work out in my opinion and the change of scenery makes it easier on me because I’m one of those that don’t “eat, sleep, breath” running but I do like the exercise and I like to race against myself. Anyway treadmill is now back burner for me.

    • I agree on the treadmill running and while I really like doing short distances on the treadmill, anything over about 3 miles is too much. I will be running the rest of my long runs outside.

  2. Hubbie says:

    Good job babe!!! Better you than me…I’m an elliptical man for life.

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