Hostess with the Mostest

When my dad, Jon and Carlos were in town last weekend for my sister’s wedding, they came all the way to South Jesus to visit us!  It was so exciting, I decided I should make some treats for them.

Time for some chocolate covered, peanut butter filled Ritz crackers.


And this time, I made them with white and milk chocolate!  You can see my original post about them here.




It’s a little more difficult to get the white chocolate to cover as well as the milk chocolate, but I love the way they look.

And I’m so nice, I even packed to-go containers for everyone!


Actually, I’m not really that nice, I’m just a food pusher and try to make everyone fatter than me.

After eating about 12 cookies each, we decided to go to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants…Red Robin!


G was there too, but the picture he took on his phone was horrible.

Red Robin

It doesn’t even look like he has eyes.

Carlos and I did some coloring:



Did you know that I won a coloring contest when I was a kid?  I am excellent at staying in the lines.

And dad was appalled by how many baskets of fries we ordered.


Chocolate, Red Robin and visitors…basically a perfect day.

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6 Responses to Hostess with the Mostest

  1. Jon says:

    It was a perfect day. Thank you!

  2. Those look and sound absolutely gorgeous.

  3. SkinnyRunner says:

    that sounds like my perfect day too. well, minus the coloring. i prefer graffiti myself.

  4. Emily says:

    Mmm, those cookies look like the perfect combo of salty and sweet. I’m sure once I got started eating them, I’d never stop!

  5. Hubbie says:

    Those Ritz cookies were so good. I love trying to stay in shape; & then ruin it all by totally pigging out! 🙂

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