Free Souvenirs

I’ve already told you about G’s obsession with free stuff, but, when we were in Cabo, it reached a new level.

Any time we stay in a hotel, G raids the toiletries.  Even if we haven’t got to use them yet.  He heads straight for the bathroom, takes everything and hides it in his suitcase.  If there is an un-manned cart in the hallway, G will raid that too. He has so many travel size toiletries, it is unbelievable.

When we were in Cabo, we had daily housekeeping service at the house.  And every day, G would track down one (or both) housekeepers and ask for “dos body lotions”.  Yes, he speaks Spanglish and he looked a lot like this:


You see those 19 bottles of matching lotions on the right?  Those are the lotions he collected from the house in Cabo.

The two bottles in the middle were taken from the hotel at the airport where we stayed the night before we left (one from a housekeeping cart).

George took the lotion on the far left when we were at the timeshare presentation!  We walked into the master bathroom to look around and once I saw the toiletries I left.  I knew G was going to take something.  Next thing I knew, we were the proud owners of this:


Fortunately, he managed to take it without anyone noticing.  What an idiot.  And so from one little 7 day trip we accumulated all this lotion:


Anyone need to moisturize?

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8 Responses to Free Souvenirs

  1. I hope you weren’t just carrying on, all that won’t fit in your 1-qt bag! 😉

  2. Omgosh. I’m literally laughing out loud at work. I look forward to your posts everyday! Seriously, so entertaining.

  3. Marcy says:

    At least he is not as bad as my mother. This will probably encourage him, but I remember when I was growing up that she would take tp and kleenex in addition to cleaning out the toiletries. Literally.

  4. hahaha. So awesome. Seriously, you can never have enough lotion. Smart guy that G.

  5. lauren says:

    G is totally Ross from Friends! You know, minus the neuroses and whiteness…

  6. Gma Pat says:

    OMG! G spent waaay too much time with Gpa Tim!! Still have literally boxes of sample sizes plus little soaps, in the garage. I plan to donate them to a summer camp here at the beach for girls. LOL (BTW, nice Mexican tan, G!)

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