Party Planner

On Thursday, I played the role of party planner for these two fine gentlemen:


For some reason, my step-dad, Tim, had been wanting to have dinner with the weirdos. Shay and Steph, for a long time.  Because I’m a genius, I arranged to have Shay make a birthday dinner for G and Tim and all we had to do was show up.  Pretty smart, right?

In honor of the occasion, we all posed with our favorite dead deer hanging in Shay and Steph’s house.


Well, Shay wasn’t allowed to pose with us because he needed to concentrate on dinner.


When we walked into the kitchen we were greeted by this:


Huge steaks, raw oysters, macaroni and cheese and asparagus.  Holy hell, we were excited when we saw that spread.

Well, I was a bit scared to try the oysters.  It had been over 25 years since I had my last oyster and, for whatever reason, I had no desire to try one again.  But then I was holding this in my hand:



I was scared. But after watching these two down one:



I joined in.


And it was good!!  I even had another.  Balls to the wall.

And then we spent a little time with Mady.


She is getting crazier by the minute and I love it.  She is all over the place, crawling on everything and has a very weird, creepy obsession with Elmo.  It’s easy to tell that she’s Steph’s daughter.


That’s Steph’s model pose.  Who the hell poses with an Elmo napkin?

Before we knew it, dinner was ready!


That’s Tim’s steak…at least two pounds.  It was huge.


And the macaroni and cheese was incredible.  Fresh baked rolls anyone?


Yes please and thank you.

This was my plate:


I don’t have any pictures of us stuffing our faces because I was too busy stuffing my face.  However, I do have an after picture of Tim’s plate:


There really wasn’t anything left.  We all ate like fat pigs.  It was incredible.  And then Mady decided she needed a little snack.



After we took a break from eating for about 5 minutes, it was time for CAKE!!!

This is where the real party planning came in.  I ordered the cake and picked it up on our way.  I wanted it to be really sentimental and nice:


Can you read that?


I’ve never had so much fun ordering a cake.  Or presenting it to someone:



G liked it so much he thought he should wave at the camera.


Hi George, I already took 60 pictures of you…you can stop waving.

Steph picked out the cake plates:


Considering that G and Tim’s ages add up to 111, I think the plates were appropriate.

After eating a ton of food, laughing our balls off and torturing the baby



we headed back home.

Thank you Shay and Steph for an incredible dinner and tons of laughs!

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3 Responses to Party Planner

  1. brandyp0509 says:

    That cake is great, I actually lol’d, haha. You looked really pretty, well maybe not with the nasty oyster but in all the other pics, haha. I hate, hate, hate the texture of oysters, they creep me out. Looks like a blast was had!

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