Have any idea what that number is?  That’s how many pictures we took (and kept) while we were in Cabo.  I believe it’s time we entered into a 12-step program.  Thank god you don’t have to buy film anymore or we’d have to take out a loan.  Crazy.

So this will be my last post about Cabo…I know you’re probably sick and f*cking tired of hearing about it so I will stop after today.  You’re welcome.

First up, G practiced his walking with little Mia:



The marina:


G and Karin were both pretty excited about this lobster:


And then G saw his favorite bar:


Yes, that was the closest G came to a happy ending that week.  Ha ha!  Poor G.

Did I tell you that every morning the pool boy came by to clean the pool and float flowers in it?  Well, he did.


Speaking of pools, we ventured out to some of the other pools at the resort.  This is the Sky Pool:


We went there early in the morning so there was no one in the pool.  So nice.  I love this picture of the swim up bar:


And this is G getting into the Sky Pool:


Side note: G discovered that there were two mirrors in our bathroom that faced each other (one was a full length mirror).  Because of this, he could stand in front of one and see his entire backside in the other (seeing my entire backside is pretty much my worst f*cking nightmare, btw).  After discovering this, G decided he liked what he saw and stood there naked for a good 5-10 minutes talking about how good his back looks.  Seriously.  I had to leave the room.  Needless to say, when he discovered that I took the above picture, he was pretty excited.


After looking at G in the pool, I know you’re dying to see me too.

This is from the pool at the clubhouse:


Oh sorry, did you think I’d let G take a close-up picture of me only in a bathing suit?  Uh, yeah right.


It got a bit windy during my photo shoot so I had to hold my hat on.  It’s hard being a supermodel.

And then G had to take a little break in the hot tub.


But usually G just laid around like this:


And so did Mia, Joy and Matt.


Eventually Mia put on her sunglasses so she would only have to pretend she was paying attention to us.


Obviously, she is too damn cool.

I think that’s about it for the pictures.  We have about 400 that you haven’t seen, but I think you get the idea.  If you’d like a calendar with pictures of G with his shirt off in a pool, we could probably make you one that would go until about 2022.

Please let me know if you’re interested.

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6 Responses to 469

  1. brandyp0509 says:

    That place is amazing!!! Here all this time I thought out time share condo in Hot Springs was nice, ummm yeah it’s a freaking shotgun shack in the middle of the worst ghetto compared to that. That pool overlooking, ohhh everything is soooo pretty but I would be scared for the drunks that decide to stand or sit on that edge, haha. These pics definitely made me ready for vacation time, though now I’m disappointed in the Wharf, hahaha. Not really any place is better than home! Glad yall had a great time and are home safely. —Brandy

    • Fortunately, the pool does not drop off into oblivion…there is probably a 3-5 foot piece of dirt next to the pool. It would still hurt, but you probably wouldn’t die if you fell off the ledge. It looks like it though, doesn’t it?

      • brandyp0509 says:

        It really does look like a drop off, haha. This whole time I was thinking “holy shit” how do they keep dumbasses from falling off haha. That place is fantastic though, completely green over from wishing I could have stowed away in a suitcase!

  2. Cindy says:

    You made me laugh as usual love your blog. Oh I take a calendar of G 🙂

  3. Emily says:

    G’s back is pretty f-in hot!

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