Final Group Night!

Last night was the last night we were all in Cabo together so we decided to go out to celebrate.  We headed to La Frida at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort.  We’re staying at the Pueblo Bonito Montecristo so La Frida is right down the road from us.

There was some different artwork


but the view was incredible.


We even got a group shot!


Vlad and G decided that they wanted a picture with Frida too.


I think that’s a little creepy.

Once we were seated, everyone became engaged in the menu.


And then the drink cart came.


While I don’t drink, it was fun to see the bartender make drinks for everyone else at the table.


G just wanted to pose with his menu.  Then I made him take a picture of me.


Matt became jealous of all our picture taking and wanted to participate.  Great picture, Matt.

Then Karin wanted in on the action.


Too bad she got stuck sitting next to George!

It was so nice to sit outside and eat dinner.


That’s chicken with mole sauce.  I could have eaten a vat of that stuff.

Four people at our table had the braised short ribs with mashed potatoes and fried asparagus spears.


I had crab cakes.


Everything was amazing and we even got to watch the sun set.


And when we left, G almost got stabbed in the eye for acting-a-fool.


About time.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to stab him in the eye.

It’s now 1:40 pm in Cabo and it’s our last full day here.  So.F*cking.Sad.

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3 Responses to Final Group Night!

  1. Hubbie says:

    I’ve been having the time of my life!!! I hope that one day we can buy this house.

  2. kelseytokar says:

    You look FAB in these pics! You skin is so silky smooth!

  3. Rain says:

    The food looks great, but those portions are TINY!

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