Making Money on Vacation

Anyone that’s visited Cabo knows that getting out of the airport is a nightmare and you have people trying to sign you up for timeshare presentations left and right.  Seriously, left and right.

After turning one guy down in the airport (that offered us $200), we reluctantly agreed to go when the guy offered us $250 and 2 massages for $30 at the car rental place.  I know, we’re suckers.

So yesterday morning we attended the presentation.


We had to fill out some paperwork and show them a credit card.


But we also got some cookies while we were waiting and G had some coffee.  Nothing spectacular, but I was trying to focus on the view so I didn’t leave before we got our money.


And that’s when I saw this:


See that little sign in the middle?  Yes, that says Dairy Queen! Isn’t that great?  We haven’t been there, but I’m tempted to try it.  I’d love a blizzard.

So after eating breakfast, touring 2 properties and telling the guy we weren’t going to buy for about 30 minutes, we left.


And we got our cash!  We did not partake in the massages because I wanted to get back to our villa to lay by the pool (under a towel, of course).  For two hours of doing basically nothing, we made a good profit.


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3 Responses to Making Money on Vacation

  1. Emily says:

    Nice work … those sales people can be dreadful!

  2. alex says:

    I’ve been to that DQ, limited menu, but they had a tres leches Blizzard that sounded good. Senor Sweets is in town and they have great gelato!

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