Travelling with a Metrosexual

If your husband is a metrosexual like G, you already know that there is absolutely no possibility that you’d be able to carry his luggage on the plane and avoid bag fees.

You also know that you will have to weigh his bag (a few times) before you leave the house.


And probably have to shuffle things around too.


(At least he can shove my huge hat in his huge bag for me…there are some benefits.)

After re-packing, there is always another weigh-in.


Eventually you get to leave the house…hoping the airport’s scale is the same as the one you have at home so your husband doesn’t have to show everyone his underwear.


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2 Responses to Travelling with a Metrosexual

  1. Hubbie says:

    I can’t wait to get to Cabo!!! The 1st time staying there without being on a cruiseship!

  2. I travel with a metrosexual husband too. We decide who is going to bring the hair products and facial products because we share when are travelling. It’s special and it saves room.

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