Cupcakes AND Eggs!

On Saturday, Keri and I drove to Portland to decorate cupcakes and dye/paint eggs!  Misty and Sarah hosted the event and their friend, Erika, also joined us.  None of them allowed me take pictures of them so you’ll only see pictures of me, cupcakes and eggs in this post.  Oh and maybe one picture of Keri.  I’m pretty sure they just don’t want to associate with me in public and that’s okay….most people are like that (well, mostly just my family).

Misty and Sarah had all the supplies set up when we got there and we started on the cupcakes first.



I brought my favorite jelly beans for the occasion.


And then we got started on the decorating.  Keri worked extra hard.


And I was pretty impressed with our cupcakes.


After going crazy and frosting 36 cupcakes in a matter of minutes,


we decided to start on the eggs.

We had hard boiled eggs AND hollow (blown-out) eggs to decorate.  Crazy time.  We also had dye and paint too.


Some idiot (me) put the wrong dye tablet in these two cups:


It really, really bothered me.

Anyway, the other chicks were pretty creative with their eggs and I mostly sat around and watched.  I mean, how can you compete with this:


Or this:


I’m just not that creative.  I tried to do paint a golden egg, but I put so much paint on it, it all peeled off and Misty had to redo it.  There goes my egg painting career.  In the end, I just decided to steal Misty’s and pretend I did it.


Gosh, I’m so talented!

After we finished the eggs, we decorated more cupcakes.  You can never have enough cupcakes.  And these were just as beautiful as the first batch.


The yellow one on the left is my favorite.  Keri made it first and then I decided to copy it.  I have no original ideas, it’s very sad.  I also love that white one, though.  Simple and pretty.


We should have had a cupcake eating contest.

I really love the pastel colors we used, just look at this frosting container.


I was tempted to eat all the frosting too, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself (more) that day.  If I were at home, I would have grabbed a spoon, parked myself on the couch, eaten all the frosting and then taken a nap to let the sugar digest.

Finally, one of the first cupcakes I made was this one:


That is a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg on top!  How genius is that?  Well, Keri kept making fun of the cupcake throughout the day so I thought it needed to be featured on my post.  (Side note: I also make that mini-cupcake in the back with an upside-down Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup on it…again, genius.)

So here you go, Keri!


While it may not be as pretty as some of the others, I can tell you it tasted magnificent.

And then Misty had to prove (again) that she is the creativity winner:


Thanks for inviting us Sarah and Misty, we had such a good time and I only gained two pounds from the cupcakes…totally worth it!

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2 Responses to Cupcakes AND Eggs!

  1. Emily says:

    How fun! Every year I say I’m going to dye eggs and then I don’t … now I’m inspired for next year (you may need to re-post this about a week before Easter). Love the spikey blue cupcake your yellow cupcake with the Reece’s egg is brilliant!

  2. Hubbie says:

    Those cupcakes were so good! Way to ruin my diet babe! 🙂

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