Round 2!!

If you’re into it, HAPPY EASTER!

I already did a post about Majestic Eggs, but I still wanted to dye eggs the traditional way.  On Friday, I picked up the regular dye kit and some more eggs.


I did not realize the kit came with so many dye tablets.  WTH?  I’m old school and I’m used to getting 6 tablets…this one came with 12!


And then I ran out of f*cking vinegar.  I had to run to the store so I could do the last three colors.



Fortunately, in South Jesus the store is only 5 minutes away so I was back in a flash.  I put an egg in each glass and went to watch tv.  I let the eggs soak for a long time.  Then I took out the 6 darkest and put the other 6 in to soak.

After about an hour or so they were done.


And aren’t they gorgeous?



I love them.

Then G and I picked out our favorites and posed with them.



His favorite was a purple one…typical.

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