I’ll Take the Explicit Version, Thanks

When looking at my workout playlist, you’ll most likely notice a common theme:


I really like music with bad words.  Now I drop the f-bomb with the best of them, but there are some bad words I refuse to say.  Like one that starts with a ‘c’ and another that starts with a ‘p’.  The ‘c’ word (not the one that’s another name for a rooster…the other one, the one that ends in a ‘t’) isn’t said that much in my music, but the ‘p’ word totally is.  And it makes me laugh, but I still won’t say it…I have to draw the line somewhere.

Anyway, some people think the music I listen to is offensive.  I can see why, because it sometimes prompts me to ask inappropriate questions of people.

For example, any time I listen to Freek-A-Leek by Petey Pablo


and I hear these lyrics:

I need a girl I can freak wit, and wanna try sh*t, and ain’t scared of a big d*ck…

I always ask G if he’s scared of a big d*ck!  And then I die laughing.  He doesn’t think it’s that funny.  What a loser.

But I also think this music can be inspiring.  Another favorite of mine, Pitbull, has some very inspiring lyrics.  Remember Pitbull?  He’s reason #3 that I need to learn Spanish.


Whenever I listen to his song Go Girl (feat. Trina and Young Boss), I hear these lyrics:

I party like a rock star

look like a movie star

play like an all-star

f*ck like a porn star

And I think that everyone should aspire to those things!  Okay, I don’t aspire to achieve the first or (especially) the last (I refuse to do that, that’s why I got married…so I wouldn’t have to and please keep in mind that any possibility of children requires doctor intervention), but I like to think these lyrics mean that everyone should go balls to wall no matter what they do.  Isn’t that inspiring?


But mostly, I like the swearing (and making fake gang signs).

Westside Mothaf*ckas!!!

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3 Responses to I’ll Take the Explicit Version, Thanks

  1. haleyv3 says:

    my playlist looks like that too! i can’t help it, dirty words make we work out better! hahaha

  2. Hubbie says:

    The only thing I listen 2 on Pandora while I work out is explicit versions!

  3. Janice Dyer says:

    Pitbull is the ONLY reason for me to learn Spanish!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!! 🙂

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