New Colors!!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a nail polish post so I think it’s time.  I picked up these two colors over the weekend.


I read something about the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish in a magazine and bought a blue color in January for the Run for Sherry Arnold.  I liked it and decided to go look for more colors when I was in Wal-Mart.

I picked up Mint Sprint and Snappy Sorbet.

I put Mint Sprint on my toes, but I think feet are gross so you’ll just have to imagine that.  Here’s the Snappy Sorbet on my hands.



I like the bright orange color…it’s fun and summery.  A nice change from the grays and browns I’ve been wearing lately.  Oh and I love the brush on these polishes…it’s wide and flat.  You don’t have to make so many strokes and it covers pretty evenly.  Did I mention that they are pretty inexpensive too?  Well, they are – only $3.58/bottle!

Oh and because I haven’t flipped you off in a while, it’s also time for that:


You’re welcome.  Now go off and have an excellent day!

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5 Responses to New Colors!!

  1. ashley says:

    I love that brand of nail polish… I am really bad to smudge my nails after doing them because I get impatient and can’t wait for them to fully dry before I decide to go do something. Those dry waaay faster! And like you said, they’re cheap and easy to put on! I have the hot pink color and wear it way too much… I need to invest in another color.

  2. Kathleen says:

    I love Sally Hansen Insta Dry for toe nails. Been using this for a couple of years. The colors
    are great for the toes and inexpensive. Stay on better than most. I like your peachy finger nails.
    especially when you give us the finger/fingers with your cheery smile. Miss you!

  3. Hubbie says:

    Your nails always look so great! You should show off your toenails too!

  4. Jon says:

    I knew that was coming and I walked right into it!

  5. I agree with above, I knew the bird was coming.

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