Who’s a Chreaster?

Pretty much the only thing I learned when I went to Catholic school in 8th grade was that there are “Chreasters”.  Have you heard of these people?  For those that don’t know, a Chreaster is a person that only goes to church on Christmas and Easter.  I thought it was hilarious when I learned that.  And actually, I don’t even count as a Chreaster because I don’t go to church ever…unless someone gets married or dies.

I think that just makes me a regular sinner.  Oh well.  I do enjoy celebrating both holidays because it’s fun to decorate a tree


and both holidays involve eating a ton of food.  Count me in.

Almost every year, I decorate Easter eggs.  We eat a lot of hard boiled eggs in our house so it’s fun to open the fridge and see pretty eggs for a change.

This year I saw the box for “Majestic Eggs” and knew I had to try them out.


Did I invite a bunch of kids over to help me out?  No.  Did I let G help me?  Umm, no.

This was a project for CTW while I watched Bridesmaids for the 30th time.  And it was totally easy and took no time.  I boiled some eggs in the morning.


Opened the Majestic Eggs box and laid everything out.



I don’t know if you can tell, but I got 5 colors and only 4 plastic baggies.  Someone screwed up on the assembly line.  Fortunately, I’m pretty resourceful and used a sandwich bag for the 5th color.  All you have to do is put an egg in the bag and pour some color on it.


Then spread the color all over the egg.


Take the egg out and let it dry.  It takes practically no time, which is nice.  BUT, the color isn’t very dark, which made me a little sad.




I will probably make the more traditional “leave your eggs in dye for 14 hours so they are really dark” type of Easter eggs later, but these were fun to try out.

Are you going to dye eggs this year?

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9 Responses to Who’s a Chreaster?

  1. Wow, those came out really nicely – definitely not as dark as on the box, but loving the marbling! I used to be a Chreaster, but now I’m in the same bag as you! Weddings & funerals. Oops. I won’t be dying any eggs this year, but will be hiding beer tickets in those plastic ones for a Pub Run Easter Egg Hunt!

  2. Heidi says:

    I make fun of Chreaster people as well. Not that I ever go. It just seems a little wrong to go only twice a year on the most important days. ANYWAY, love the eggs! We may just try those out 🙂

  3. kaitwatts says:

    Since I moved out west I am just a plain sinner as well. Catholic churches just aren’t the same here as they are in New England. Love your eggs. We are doing them with my niece, but my sister insists that we make all natural, non-toxic dye. She’s eco friendly like that.

  4. Gma Pat says:

    I wasn’t going to dye eggs, but the thot of having those pretty guys in my fridge is moving me. I usually am looking at something green and fuzzy in my fridge??? What’s up with that? You are an inspiration, thanks! & Hoppy Easter!!

  5. brandyp0509 says:

    Chreaster’s are hilarious. I go every Sunday, not because I’m “holier than thou” or super Christian but because it’s soooo much easier to go the entire week being a heathen and I can go on Sunday and pray about my heathenism and feel less guilty, hahaha. The Chreaster’s piss the regulars off (anyone who says otherwise is lying and yes I’ll pray about my judging them later haha) they come in all dolled up, take up the good seats and you don’t see them again for a long time ;). They did leave off Mother’s Day, that brings out the people in drove’s (mother’s guilt working them). I personally love going on Mother’s day, they give out prizes for “oldest/youngest mother” and then my award “biggest breader” and I win a sweet plant every year for my four heathens. I’m just teasing, I have a great church and I am a heathen so I had to find somewhere that accepts me, haha.

    I used to do the whole egg dying thing with the older two but then the younger two came along and I switched to cheap plastic eggs filled solely with candy that I love, haha. It’s soooo much nicer to find a long lost plastic egg a few weeks after Easter with yummy candy and smells soooo much better too, it’s like a candy bonus! I tried to get creative back when I used to dye the eggs but they ended up looking like diseased eggs, yours look great!

  6. lisa says:

    hah! I just bought this same kit! I thought it would be MUCH easier than dropping them into bowls of dye. (with a 4 year old helping no less.) Did you really have to keep your eggs warm? I think I remember reading that on the instructions…

    • My eggs were not warm and I didn’t see that on the instructions! And the eggs are now in the fridge. So no, they weren’t warm when I put the dye on them and they are not warm now. I have no idea.

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