Semi-Fail and a March Mileage Recap


For some reason, I love April.  I’m not quite sure why, but I love it.  Maybe it’s because I hope that winter (and rain) will be over soon and flowers and summer will begin.  Of course I’m looking forward to walking around like this when it’s warmer:


Anyway, March is over so it’s time to recap my mileage for the month.

Run: 30.74 miles

Bike: 34.1 miles

Total miles: 64.84

Total yearly miles: 195.89

Not bad, but not too good either.  My running mileage went down from 41.4 last month…I think due to the horrible weather.  I barely had any outdoor runs so I hope to work on that this month.  Also, I think I’ve got to start “training” for the half marathon in June so that should be horrible entertaining.

As for my semi-fail…that would be with my BodyRock endeavor.


I started out doing the February Challenge (in mid-March), but some of those workouts took me about 17 hours to complete…so like a true warrior, I quit.  However, I have continued to do the 12-15 minute workouts and I really like them.  It’s amazing how difficult a 12 minute workout can be.  Or maybe I’m just a huge fatso.

Hope you’re having a great Sunday!!

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2 Responses to Semi-Fail and a March Mileage Recap

  1. haleyv3 says:

    My march miles went down from February too. I think the month of March in general is just a downer? But great job for doing what you did! If you’re going to be in the Portland area anytime this month and need a running bud to train for your half, I would love to come run with you!

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