Young and Fugly

Because you all love the flashback photos, I thought I should share another on this fine Wednesday morning.

Dad Dance

My dress is horrible and I obviously hadn’t perfected the art of posing, but I’m pretty sure Em wins the award for the worst outfit…again.  Go Em!!

You can see more gorgeous photos like this one here and here.  I hope this makes your Wednesday just a little bit brighter.

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5 Responses to Young and Fugly

  1. This kills me every time you post one. I am certain I had the same out fit (and hairdo) as Em when I was in 4th grade.

  2. Claire says:

    On another note, your Dad is hot

  3. Dad says:

    Thanks Claire, those were the good old days.

    I’m not into fashion, but some of the stuff was scary. I still had a great time with the best girls there. Dad.

  4. Hubbie says:

    You’ve definitely gotten better at posing; but Em’s outfit is to die for!

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