Celebrity Look-A-Like

Usually, I’m told that I look like or remind someone of “this girl I knew back home” or “my best friend from when I was a child”, but recently I’ve been told that I look like a certain celebrity.  I’m always apprehensive when someone says this because I think they’re going to say I look like someone really ugly.  And that would be sad.

BUT, two times in the last couple of months people have said I look like Jennifer Connelly:

JC 3via

Can you see it?

DSC01843JC 2via

I can kind of see a similarity…the dark hair, light eyes and (obviously) our bodies are identical.

The best, though, is when people say that G looks like a celebrity.  He usually gets something vague like “Are you a rapper?”, but occasionally someone actually mentions a name.  Over the weekend G said that someone once said he looked like Mike Tyson.

MT 1

Must be the teeth and the tattoo.

MT 2via

Or maybe it’s because he prefers going topless.

Extras Only

The best celebrity look-a-like I heard about G, though, was when we were in a 7-Eleven .  This chick said he looked like the Joker.

G 1Joker 1via

Joker 2via

Ha ha.  G was so disappointed…I thought it was hilarious.

Do You Have a Celebrity Look-A-Like?

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10 Responses to Celebrity Look-A-Like

  1. People have told me Julia Roberts and Rachel Bilson (not even close). I do remember when there was a doppelgänger app on fb and my first result was Frida Kahlo. I just about died.

  2. kelseytokar says:

    I am DYING. I LOVE this. LOVE it.

  3. Bahhhhahahahaa that is hilarious. The Joker. Love it.

  4. Hubbie says:

    You definitely look like Jennifer Connelly; but I don’t look anything like the 2 monsters, Mike Tyson or the Nicholson “Joker” villain!

  5. RicoleRuns says:

    That is hilarious about the joker. Was G digging being compared to Mike T?

  6. Melissa says:

    I get Gina Davis all the time…she’s like waaayyy older than me though. In high school, one of my friends always told me I looked and sounded like Ellen. I don’t know how to take either of those comparisons… And people ALWAYS tell me that I remind them of someone, like ALWAYS. Its weird. I just tell them I have an “All-American” look.

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