Four People = Four Desserts

George and I are going to Keri and Evan’s house tonight.

You remember Keri and Evan, right?


Keri and I decided that we would rather have appetizers and desserts than dinner.  So obviously, I am in charge of the desserts.  I made two desserts yesterday and I’m making two desserts today.  Don’t you always make four desserts for a get together with four people?  Oh well, I do.  And here’s just a little preview of the diabetic coma I’m bringing:



That is a Peanut Butter Nutella Nutter Butter Pie.  And it is sitting in my freezer right now.  I’ll post a complete recap of all the fabulous treats we make tomorrow.

Oh and if you’re wondering, G still has a way with the b*tches.


Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

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1 Response to Four People = Four Desserts

  1. Bean says:

    This sounds like the best meal plan ever. That dessert looks amazing!

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