Unfortunately, it was practically a blizzard here on Wednesday night and this is what I was greeted with yesterday morning:


That is a lot of snow for us Oregonians.  Fortunately, it looks like we won’t be having that nonsense anymore and I’m praying to the baby Jesus that we will start seeing some spring-like weather soon.

I didn’t have to work yesterday so I did a little baking for the creatures.


These treats are mostly for Jack, but G and I will be creature-sitting my sister’s dog for the next week so she will probably get some too (the dog, not my sister).


Bailey is a puggle and is usually a complete nightmare.  However, she’s now getting to be old enough where she doesn’t do that much.

This was her favorite activity last night:


While I was writing this post, Bailey started licking G’s head again.  What did George say?

“I have a way with the b*tches, huh?”


It’s going to be a long week.


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4 Responses to Creature-Sitting

  1. kelseytokar says:

    that is AWFUL about the snow! It’s been like 80 degrees here in Chicago…in March! WTH?

    I love that comment G said. I literally laughed out loud.

  2. Bailey is stinkin’ adorable!

  3. Hubbie says:

    I love Bailey; but if she keeps me up again tonight she’s going to be homeless!

  4. RicoleRuns says:

    You are such a good dog sitter to make treats! I actually saw te SUN yesterday, it was a miracle. And those Oreo balls look divine!

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