I Don’t Get It…

On Friday, George took pictures of me that looked like this:


And only a few hours before (on Friday morning) I had a new passport picture taken (at the post office) that looked like this:


Seriously?  A government issued I.D. that looks like that?  I could try for days and not get a picture to look that good.  I almost made-out with the guy that took it.

Apparently, I’m very good at standing in front of a blank screen and smiling, just look at my current driver’s license pic:


A little blurry, but you get the idea.  I’m pretty sure the next time G and I get any sort of professional photos taken we will just go to the post office or DMV because that’s where I look the best.

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14 Responses to I Don’t Get It…

  1. Conny Mc says:

    The funny thing is in Canada we aren’t allowed to smile for passport pics?? Crazy stuff!!

  2. ugh, they wouldn’t let me smile for my passport photo – my glasses are crooked and i look terrible! LUCKY!

  3. Krusty says:

    Why are you half naked in your passport pic? When I had mine taken on Friday the lady definitely did not have me take my top off.

    • Well, I actually had to take them twice because the first time they got f*cked up, thanks Walgreens. So I was wearing a tank top and sweatshirt when I went to turn in the passport app at the post office and the guy said my picture would get rejected so he made me take another. I didn’t want the sweatshirt in the pic so I got naked, G style.

      • Kristy says:

        I thought you were just trying to get the person to give you a free picture by getting naked. That’s more like something Lea would do, though.

  4. Hubbie says:

    I just hope your passport gets here in time for Cabo San Lucas!

  5. kelsey says:

    you look FAB! Love the naked look, so seductive of you 😉

  6. I look terrible in my passport picture, and in Dubai they said it didn’t look like me and asked for additional photo ID. In my head, I was like….seriously? Everyone is in burkas and head scarfs and your telling me that my ID is not adequate? That photo is banging….10 years of a fab passport. I’m screwed until 2020.

  7. Gma Pat says:

    Wouldn’t let me leave my glasses on for P/Port pict. I ALWAYS wear glasses, have since 5th grade! Then, one-shot Shirley took a terrible pict and wouldn’t re-do. She was at AAA. Some service I won’t be using again. You look FABULOUS, Dear Girl!

  8. How much did you pay that guy to take multiple photos of you until you found one you liked? 😉

    • Ha! I was at the post office and I thought the people in line were going to kill me when I had to get my picture taken. The guy didn’t even let me look at it before he printed it. I was scared. And I hope you know I would totally have posted a hideous picture too.

  9. Carlyn says:

    I’m impressed they let you smile! I look like a serial killer in mine because they said smiles of any sort were strictly prohibited!

  10. A good looking ID is a sort of a double edged sword though. I got a pretty good driver’s license a few years back, but I’m usually such a hot mess in real life that when I have to show ID, I frequently get, “doesn’t look like you.” That’s fun.

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