Road Trip!

G and I are spending the weekend in Seattle with our good friends Joy, Matt and Mia!

We really only came up here to see Mia so I haven’t taken that many pictures of Joy or Matt.  Too bad.


And Mia is looking as cute as ever!  And brave too…


She was not entirely sure she should let G hold her.  Good job Mia, I wouldn’t trust him either.

Matt and Joy just moved into a new house and I was dying to cook in their beautiful new kitchen.  I’m so lame that a six-burner gas stove, double ovens, a monster-huge refrigerator, and tons of counter-space really make me excited.


I know you can’t really see all the cool sh*t in this picture, but I promise you that it is magnificent and I will post more pictures later.  That’s Matt photobombing my picture.

So I started making dinner…


And G started taking horrible pictures of me.  Thanks G.

I made lasagna, courtesy of The Pioneer Woman’s excellent and fabulous recipe.



Incredible.  Joy made garlic bread and we threw together a salad (out of a bag).



Matt was pretty excited about the meal.


Matt and Joy had another couple, Issa and Allyson, join us for dinner too.


From left to right that’s Allyson, Issa, Matt, Joy and G.  That’s also my big huge plate of food in the empty seat.  And I ate it all.  Also, don’t believe that G only had that portion on his plate.  He went back for seconds, thirds and fourths.  No joke.

Allyson is prego and due next week.  I was really hoping she’d go into labor while we were having dinner because I thought it would be a very educational blog post.  Unfortunately, the baby stayed in utero.

We also had dessert!


While eating these beauties, the girls talked birth and the guys talked March Madness.  And G continued to cause Mia a bit of concern.


It’s going to be a great weekend!

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3 Responses to Road Trip!

  1. Alex says:

    Joy and Matt’s new home looks gorgeous! Mia is getting so big! What a cutie. Have fun!

  2. Hubbie says:

    Your lasagna was to die for…My fave meal!

  3. ladyanna13 says:

    Awwwwwww ^^^^^ (What the hubbie said, so cute!)

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