Yesterday, two of the members of our household experienced a bit of grooming.

First up, me of course.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I was due for a fresh dye.  This is what I started with:



Long, gross and a faded brassy brown/reddish color.  Oh and my ends were a f*cking disaster.  I wanted to go darker and take the red out.  For some reason, my hair always fades to a reddish color that drives me crazy.

Bring on the dark.



I love it and it looks so much healthier.  I’m a little afraid to see what it will look like when it fades and grows out, but who cares…I’ll just dye it again anyway.

You know who else had a makeover?  This monster:

Before Jack

Jack!  Now he looks pretty good in that picture, but he’s really been looking like a mongrel lately.  See those hairy paws?  They were like dreadlocks caked in mud.


He just wasn’t looking good.  And no matter how much I brushed him (or cut the dreads out) he still looked like an abandoned dog.  It was time to go to the groomer.


And doesn’t he look beautiful now?  So soft and they gave us a spray to make him smell less like sh*t and more like dog…or mint chip sundae?


That stuff actually smells pretty good.  Tasty!

And once we got home, Jack immediately did this:


So he is now on lockdown, with limited outside privileges.


He thinks he’s so funny.

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8 Responses to Grooming

  1. Love the hair! That’s a great color for you.

  2. Beth L says:

    love the new ‘do! LOL now he can spell like mint chocolate chip sh*t, yay!
    reason #8679 why cats are better 🙂

  3. Your hair looks great! Also, Jack is super cute even if he did sort of ruin his new ‘do 🙂

  4. Emily says:

    You and Jack both look d@mn good!

  5. Haley V says:

    Love your new hair! It’s gorgeous 🙂

  6. Love the dark color. I will get tired of blonde soon enough and go back to dark. My husband prefers it lighter, but I get bored. Mint chocolate for dogs? Who things of that?

  7. ladyanna13 says:

    Awww, Jack’s paws looked like Grinch paws with the hair, so cute!! But I guess not cute enought to overcome the mud cakes…dang.

    Your hair looks beautiful! You’re rockin’ it! =)

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