Aren’t There Enough?

I thought there were already enough babies, kids, little adults wondering around, but apparently there are not…because people keep having more.

Including the “white power” couple.


That’s right, Laura, Hart and Julia welcomed baby Natalie Reece into their family last month.  And she is tiny!


Although she’s already one month old, she still only weighs 6 pounds-something!  She looks like a newborn to me.  I’m also pretty sure that if G and I had a baby, it would come out at 10+ pounds and probably look like a monster.  How cute.


Natalie was extra tired and not much of a party animal…I think babies do this to make people think “oh, I could totally do that”.  I’m on to you Natalie, your little trick didn’t work on me.

Big sister, Julia, seems to be coping well with the new addition and only tries to drive away from her house every once in a while.


Julia even played well with her cutest cousin, Kai!


Like most men, Kai prefers to stand with his hands in his pants.  But aren’t his overalls adorable?!  And guess what?  He even let me take pictures of him without screaming his balls off…a miracle, I know.



Em also let me take pictures with her without screaming her balls off, thanks Em.


The sun was killing her eyes so we had to take about 12 pictures before we had one with her eyes open…and yes, she’s using me as a barrier from the sun.  I’m pretty good at acting like an eclipse.

And then Kai tried to leave the party.



Peace out, Kai!

As far as the party goes, we had lunch, chatted with peeps, Laura opened a bunch of presents and then we had cake!


Not surprisingly, the cake’s pretty much the only reason I go to these kid functions.

Congratulations Laura and Hart!

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5 Responses to Aren’t There Enough?

  1. Hubbie says:

    Looks like I missed out on a corner piece of that cake & a photo op with my new niece Natalie!

  2. how cute! you look super fab in these pics!

  3. Laura says:

    I’m so glad you came to the sip and see. Sorry Hart was too cool to be there but he made up for it that evening by sitting through girl talk about makeup etc. that night. Thanks also for the yummy food you made us.

    Hart wonders if you have a photo of us that doesn’t say “Cougar” really big in the background.

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