A Risk Taker

You’re a real risk taker if you ask me to do a guest post…because you’ll probably lose more readers than you’ll gain.  Today’s risk taker is Kelsey from Ready. Set. Feast!


So head on over and see what stupid stuff I say about running the half-marathon in January.  I even included some new pics.

Oh and make sure you tell Kelsey you’ll never read her blog again because I’m offensive and inappropriate.

Thanks Kelsey!!!

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3 Responses to A Risk Taker

  1. God I’m beautiful.

    Thank you in advance for helping me lose so many readers!

  2. svelie@dpnicoli.com says:

    dude if i knew you would be posting these pics all over the internet i would have chosen a better outfit. lesson learned. im going to start shopping now for our marathon.

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