Two Crafty/Crazy B*tches

From Friday morning until Saturday night, Lindsey and I turned this:


Into this:







And every first birthday party needs a bar, right?


Lindsey made the hanging decorations too (unfortunately, I think she’s the crafty one and I’m the crazy one).  I mean, they even matched Olive’s dress!


Oh did you want to see some pictures of people?  Okay.

Olive started to get a bit frisky with me.



And then I realized I was starting to flash the other guests at the party.


Typical, so typical.

And then we pretended Olive was our kid.


After taking about 742 pictures, it was time to get ready for dinner.  Fortunately, I didn’t do anything but watch Lindsey, Sean (Lindsey’s husband) and Olive Uno (Sean’s mom) get ready to serve dinner.

Olive Uno (I call her that, no one else does) and Lindsey enjoyed handling the meatballs.



Lindsey was (as always) a little too excited about the balls.

And they made so much food, which was perfect for George and me.



(And I don’t know what’s going on with my hair so please don’t ask.)

After we ate about 12 plates of pasta, it was time to sing to Olive and then eat dessert!


Sean, Olive and Lindsey


She was ready for cake.


And presents.


I need to start having birthday parties.

Then we finally got to tear up the beautiful dessert table.  I didn’t take too many pictures of that because, well, it was just kind of embarrassing.  But I really like this picture of the inside of an Oreo pop.


How pretty is that?

The best part was seeing the kids freak out on sugar.


Natalee (Olive’s sister) got a tambourine and was running, jumping and spinning around like a crazy person.

And, after Kellen ate about 5 mini-cupcakes, he started to think he had super human strength.


And George started feeling left out of the picture taking.


It was an incredible birthday party and we had so much fun.  Lindsey and I even had a blast doing all the prep work.


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11 Responses to Two Crafty/Crazy B*tches

  1. You ladies did a great job! All those treats look soooo yummy!

  2. ladyanna13 says:

    Holy Moly! Whooooaaa!! That sweets table looked AWESOME! I sure wish I could have come…. Invite me next time? Please? =)

  3. Sheila says:

    SHUT UP CAn you PLEASE mail me one of those oreo’s!!!?!
    Geez!! You guys are TOO crafty!!! BOTH Of you!!!

  4. SkinnyRunner says:

    seriously, though seriously, but seriously, will you make me birthday favors next december?

  5. Beth L says:

    Wow! everything looks amazing!!!! bar=musthave for childrens bday party

  6. Kathleen says:

    I want to be crafty with you! Especially those cake pops! What a fabulous party.
    Olive is one very lucky girl and a cutie patootie!

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  8. You can come and decorate all of the birthday parties I’m going to throw at the end of this year!

  9. You outdid yourself…and not even for your own child. This olive is a lucky lady.

  10. Olive says:

    You take great pictures and you always make me laugh,
    Thanks for sharing.

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