February Recap

All right, it’s time for my February mileage recap.  I didn’t do that well this month, but managed to get some miles in.

Running: 41.1 miles

Bike: 22.71 miles

Total miles in February: 63.81

Total miles for the year: 131.05

Not too bad, but I hope to get more miles in March.  I feel like my workouts were pretty sporadic so consistency would probably help.

Because I don’t have a new workout picture, I’ll just leave you with another kid picture.


And that, my friends, is my natural hair color (or maybe a little darker)!  Who knew?!!!

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6 Responses to February Recap

  1. Heidi says:

    Awwww…you were cute! Love it!

  2. This just made my day a little brighter. I think every single girl had that haircut at some point. weird between the ear and shoulder length parted down the middle. maybe i’ll bring this haircut back….

  3. Emily says:

    I think I may have had that same sweater …

  4. jamie says:

    ahhh, your so cute. I love the sweater!!!!!

  5. Hubbie says:

    You look like such an adorable kid!

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