A Fond Farewell

I’m sad to say that my coworker and friend, Lea, is leaving.  She’s leaving our wonderful job to explore living and working abroad.  So on Monday night, a group of us got together to wish her off.


That’s Lea, Kristy, me, Steve and Ryan.  That is not where we work.

It’s been a while since we all got together because Lea works in Portland and Kristy and I work from home.  We had a lot to talk about and celebrate that night.

First, Lea gave me a couple of presents!  She always gives good presents and cards.  That night she gave me a f*ckton of important reading material.


I cannot wait to read all of these!!!  And then she also gave me this:


Bethenny is basically my idol/mentor (<—she doesn’t know about the mentoring part so that’s not going too well).  I am very excited to read this.

And we also gave presents to Lea!  Steve gave Lea an awesome gift of used hotel toiletries, which was totally hilarious and thoughtful.


And Kristy gave her a real gift of travel size Philosophy loot.


But the best present was from me, of course.  I even wrote on the present.


Aren’t you getting excited?


That was the reading material.  Fortunately, the Jehovah’s Witnesses came by our house on Sunday so I saved this for Lea.  Considering the presents she gives me, I think she needs to read this.

But the best part of her present was for her office:


Ha ha, a picture of me!!!  But to understand this present fully, you must realize I have this masterpiece hanging in my office at work:


That picture is taped to the back of my office door and it’s pretty big.  I thought it was only fair that she should have a picture of me too.



We were also giving Kristy some belated birthday gifts.  Kristy’s birthday is on Christmas, but we haven’t been together to give her gifts.


Everyone needs a Fat Bastard, right?


The hair and the butt crack really gross me out.  Oh yeah, and the boobs.  It’s too much.  Fortunately, Kristy also got another gift too.


And Kristy obviously needs a Du-Rag.  What was weird about this item was that it had extra long tails.  We did not really know what to do with those.  Steve thought they should be tied under his chin, like a bonnet.


Too bad he didn’t flash any gang signs in this picture.  That would have been good.

I had to try it on too.


I think my head is too small for it or something.  But look at how long the damn tails are!



After eating about 400 tater tots and drinking 4 gallons of Diet RC (all by myself), it was time to go home.  And while I really think Lea is a total whore, I will miss her antics A LOT.  She’s the only person I’ve ever known who’s been banned from sending mass emails to the staff.  And that is so cool.

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9 Responses to A Fond Farewell

  1. Dad says:

    Where is she going?

  2. I love these presents. so much more than i can explain to you.

    you look so fly in that du-rag. have you considered wearing one full time?

  3. Hubbie says:

    The du-rag is a good look for you. Now I know what to get for your next surprise!

  4. Ooh I’ve wanted read A Place of Yes. Maybe you’ll post about it and let us know how it is??

  5. Lea says:

    I’m not being deported you whore. I have a job abroad.

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