A Little Harping

On Saturday, I headed up north (again!) to meet up with some weirdo harpists (that’s meant in the nicest way).  Almost every month, local harpists get together to play, chat and eat.  It’s a pretty informal thing, but gives us old harpists a chance to play for people now that we’re out of the recital/symphony/performance stuff that we did as kids/young adults.

I usually don’t go to the meetings because they are kind of far away.  But, for some reason, I agreed a few weeks ago to show up to play with some other harpists.  I didn’t realize that we would actually be rehearsing until Saturday morning.  So I jumped in the car without brushing my hair (no surprise) and got on the road.


Apparently, it was too early for lipstick or smiling.

When I got there about an hour and a half later, I met up with this crazy lady.


Hi mom!!!

And we decided we should take a picture with the tiny blue harp because it matches my hair.


Once all the girls showed up, it was time to play.


From left to right: Misty, Kate, me (with an inappropriate hand gesture) and Emily.


We went through 5 or 6 pieces and it was pretty fun.  I, of course, need to actually practice in order to play some of them, but we still had a good time.  Nothing like sight reading!

My mom made tiny little red velvet cupcakes and Misty also brought blueberry muffins!


So good!

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7 Responses to A Little Harping

  1. This made me laugh because of the Portlandia episode where they smashed the harp trying to fit it into a tiny hybrid. You shouldn’t do that.

  2. You were made to sit behind the harp!

  3. Hubbie says:

    Those mini-cupcakes were so good that I had to skip a pizza party; because I couldn’t eat any more junk!

  4. Looks fun! Love the blue harp (and your inappropriate hand gesture) 🙂

  5. Kathleen says:

    Classy ladies playing harps (except the one with her middle finger raised).
    When do I get to hear you play your harp??

  6. Please tell me you packed your harp in the car. Photo required

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