The Jackson 5

It’s been a while since I’ve done a nutria update and yesterday I saw three in our yard.  I’m not sure if the same one came back twice (and once with a relative), but I saw three.  I thought something happened to the Jackson 5 (Kristy named them) because we didn’t see them for about a week.


That was the Jackson 5 in January.

We haven’t seen all 5 of them together since that day.  And I think I know why.


Bing is kind of being a creepy bastard.  I think Bing forgets they will probably kill him so he creeps up on them and can’t stop staring.  Sometimes he lunges at them, scares himself and then runs away.  I’ve even seen one of the nutria chase him.  There hasn’t been any physical contact so everyone is fine and it’s pretty funny to watch.

I think Bing is just as fascinated by these guys as we are.


And he tries to impress them with his balancing skills.  Bing also spent a long time looking through the hole in the fence above that nutria.  Very impressive, Bing.

As for Jack, I think he just walks around looking for their poop (and then eating it).


Yes, Jack is brilliant.

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9 Responses to The Jackson 5

  1. Amber says:

    So, I never even knew an animal like this exisited until we went out with 5 other couples to a restaurant in Uptown Minneapolis, MN. You can apparently order a deep fried “guinea pig.” In reality, it is a deep fried nutria that comes out on a giant platter propped up with a skewer complete with teeth and everything. I was horrified! I left the table. My friends thought it was hilarious and proceed to mock me with the little guy! Poor nutria! I hear they are mean little buggers though!

  2. Gail says:

    You night want to be careful with the pets around the nutria. they do carry parasites and diseases that can be passed on to the animals through their urine and feces. Just a possible “heads up”!

  3. Jessica says:

    OMG! I was watching something… fashion related… Oh! “It’s a Brad Brad World,” and there was a nutria lined vest or coat or something. And of course Brad was like, “what is nutria?” And I was like, “I know! I know! I know!” Now your blog can be classified as “educational.” Jackpot! Lots of quotes, I’m obsessed with quotes.

    • I’m going to start advertising as an “educational” blog now. Thank you!

    • Beth L says:

      I saw that episode, he was in Louisiana! Down here they tried to market nutria burgers to get rid of them, no one was buying it. In LA we eat some crazy stuff–alligator, crawfish, etc. — but no one wants to eat a giant rat burger!

  4. When does your show on animal planet start? I want to make sure I tune in!

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