I haven’t done a real nail polish update in a while and last night I decided to try one of the latest fads: the two-tone look.


I’ve seen this look for a months now, but I’ve kind of avoided it because it would mean carrying 3 bottles of polish around to reapply (the 2 colors plus clear).  However, I guess I did try it out for about 5 minutes when I was in Georgia in August.  So last night I decided to try it again and I actually like it a lot.

I like the way a dark color looks with a light/pale color.

I chose Essie’s Chocolate Cakes for my main color.


And Ulta’s Concrete Evidence for the less prominent color.


I saw a bunch of pictures on Pinterest of nail polish like this so I had to try it out.  Sorry, that means you don’t get to see my big, fat face today.

Do you like the two-tone nail polish look?

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3 Responses to Two-Toned

  1. says:

    i dont think you did it right. looks kind of weird to just have one nail different. seriously! happy monday…love your favorite critic:)

  2. Tracey says:

    Don’t know if you meant to but it looks like you are rocking the WSU colors. 🙂
    I want you to know that you have inspired me with all the shots of nail polish. I haven’t worn polish in literally years but between you and one of my co-workers posting on FB I was inspired to go buy some fun new nail polish before our trip to Palm Springs.

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