Designer Labels

***Disclaimer: HauteLook does not know who I am.  The opinion below is entirely my own and I didn’t get jack sh*t for giving it.  Per usual.***

If you’re like G, you like your designer labels.  Prada, Seven and Citizens of Humanity jeans, Rolex, whatever.  If you’re like me, you’re just happy to have clothes that cover your fat rolls.

My friend, Tricia, also loves her designer labels and introduced me to the website HauteLook.  Every day, new designers run specials on furniture, décor, clothing, shoes, jewelry and even vacations.  After you register (it’s free), HauteLook sends out an email every morning about what designers will be featured beginning at 8:00 am PST.

A few weeks ago, I received an email that they were running specials on Rock & Republic jeans and I knew I had to tell G (and probably order a pair).  A few days later, this arrived at our house.


G was very excited.


And even agreed to model his jeans for us.



He had to get them hemmed because all the pants came in a long length (you ordered by waist-size only).  But all-in-all, they were a really great deal.

$49 for the jeans (normally $200)

$6.95 for shipping & handling

Check out the site if you want some good deals and I think you can just sign up from the homepage.  We will definitely be buying G’s jeans here in the future!

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1 Response to Designer Labels

  1. Hubbie says:

    Those jeans are sick! I can’t wait til they’re broken in.

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