So Impressive

As you’ve probably noticed, I like sporting events.  I’ll pretty much go to anything sports-related and last night was no different.

Lindsey invited me to gymnastics event at Oregon State University.


How cool is that?  I did gymnastics as a kid, but I’ve never actually attended a meet so this was pretty exciting.  It was also the “Pink Out” which is an event to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.




Even Benny the Beaver was in pink!


Lindsey invited me to join a group of her family and friends for the event.


That’s Lindsey and her sister, Jenny.

After saying hi to everyone, we got settled into our seats, which were right in front of the uneven bars.


I took that picture right when we got there so everyone wasn’t seated.  There ended up being about 6,035 people in attendance…it was pretty full.

I like that all of the events happen simultaneously because then you don’t get stuck watching the balance beam for hours on end.  I spent the whole night watching the bars and the floor.  Oh, and trying to take pictures of the amazing athletes.


Taking pictures proved to be difficult and I ended up with about 30 butt-shots.  No joke.


It was easier to take pictures of the floor exercise…but only when they weren’t flipping their balls off.



I did manage to get a couple flipping-their-balls-off pictures, though.




The entire meet was amazing and to see these athletes in person was truly impressive.  It also made me realize that I (1) have no flexibility and (2) have no muscle.

I’m going to put those items on my to-do list now.

Hope you’re all having a great Saturday!

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2 Responses to So Impressive

  1. Hubbie says:

    I have to go the next time you guys go! I feel like I totally missed out.

  2. Bowrag says:

    Cool event. Photographing gymnastics is difficult. I was hired to take some once and promised to never do it again. Hands down my hardest shoot

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