Another Race

About a week ago, my friend, Kirsten, asked me a very important question.


She asked me to join her for the Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon in Seattle.


My initial reaction was to say no (90% of the time, this is my initial answer to any question).  I said I never wanted to run a half again because I hate severely dislike running.  But I realized I signed up for the Portland marathon in October so it might not be a bad idea to run another half before then…I guess I’d have to anyway for training.

So there you go.  On June 23, 2012 I will be running another half-marathon in Seattle with my dear friend Kirsten.  And I will probably say some really inappropriate things (and blame her for my pain) along the way.  Let’s just hope it’s not snowing.


Have you signed up for any cool races this year?

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17 Responses to Another Race

  1. So very cool that you are running another half! I bet Seattle would be a beautiful place to run. I’ve also heard great things about Portland.

    I am running the Marine Corps Marathon (again) in October. I have a bunch of friends running it with me so I think it will be fun. Other than that, a few half marys and trail runs are sprinkled in there.

  2. Emily says:

    Wow, good for you guys! I had no idea Kirsten is running the 1/2 – I’m SOOOO impressed! I just signed up for the Kirkland St. Paddy’s 5K … since 5K’s are my limit (I’m way too smart to run farther than that)!

  3. jamie says:

    find a 1/2 marathon in LA (just not on a Saturday) and I would run with you!!!! Maybe “Rocks-Ass” would join with us too.

    • Next time I’m in town I will, but I don’t know if I’ll run with you. I cried the last time we ran together. It would be fun to see Rocks-Ass cry though.

      • jamie says:

        Last time we ran together was the One Hit Wonders run. How fun was that? We even got Tee-Shirts and G came out to cheer us on. And we got free shoes out of it!!!!!

  4. alex says:

    the rock in roll is so fun! I”ve run it the past three years, and it’s always nice weather. they changed the course this year, so it should be fun! I’m sad to miss it.

  5. Currently training to run my second half marathon in April.. I’m going to run the Race for the Roses. And I’m thinking about doing the Cinco de Mayo 10k? Not sure yet 🙂

  6. Karla says:

    I HATE running. Can’t even pretend. I ran one half marathon last December and I was miserable but you make me want to sign up for another one. I’m doing the Warrior Dash in August so perhaps I’ll do the St. Jude’s Memphis Half again next December. Did I mention I’m 4’10.5″?????? (Short people always include the .5). It takes me forever to run that far.

    • I’m doing the Warrior Dash in September and I can’t wait (and I’m dragging G along so that will be hilarious). It’s way more fun than a 1/2 marathon!! BTW, I ran a race with a girl who’s like 4’11 (maybe only 4’10.5) and she ran so fast I started crying. True story. Short girls can run.

  7. kaitwatts says:

    I am 5 feet even and I used to say I was at a disadvantage, and maybe I still am, but I do see a lot of short, petite people running past me at fast paces. I am running the Sugarloaf Marathon in May near my dad’s in Maine. I would like to get a half in before then too, but I am waiting to see just what pops up-so far nothing to tickle my fancy.

  8. Kirsten says:

    It will be so much fun!!!! Let’s hope we’re still friends after this.

  9. Hubbie says:

    Good job! I’m so proud of you for running another 1/2 mrathon!

  10. Megan My Day says:

    I am so proud of you two! I am bummed I can’t join you but will be there in spirit!

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