A Good Lunch

After the run on Saturday, I met up with Ann Marie for lunch.


She refuses to let me take a picture of her so I always have to use this one.  I hope that some day I get a new picture of us, but realize this will probably not happen.

Ann Marie is in crazy good shape and she’s always been serious about working out.  I might have even told her that if I had her ass, I wouldn’t wear pants.  Anyway, one thing you wouldn’t guess is that she is also serious about food.  I always let her choose where we’re going to eat because she picks amazing places with great food.

On Saturday, Ann Marie suggested we meet here:


Grand Central Bakery has locations in Portland and Seattle.  We went to the one on 23rd and York in Portland and it is so good!  I ordered the egg salad “sack lunch” which included a sandwich, chips and a cookie for only $9.  Quite a good deal.



That’s the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and it was amazing!  I didn’t take a picture of the chips, but I had the salt & vinegar Kettle Chips.

I also drank a beautiful latte.


And made Ann Marie take pictures of me.  This resulted in Ann Marie telling me that (1) she hated my polish and (2) she believes that I’m full of myself (because I take so many pictures of my big, fat face).  This is why I love her.  I also loved it when the guy at the register complimented my polish.  Take that, Ann Marie.

To get back at me, she took pictures of me like this:




We always have such a good time together, eat good food and laugh a lot.  She even gave me my first Valentine’s Day gift.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all you people that are madly in love!  However, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t make-out in front of me…that grosses me out.  Thank you.

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5 Responses to A Good Lunch

  1. Jamie says:

    Are you flicking her off in the last picture if you holding the latte?

  2. My plan is to make-out in front of you allll day. Enjoy.

  3. Hubbie says:

    Thanks for bringing me back a cookie to go with all my cupcakes!

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