Saying Goodbye to Tide

I’ve posted about my obsessions on Pinterest (mostly hot chicks and food), but I’ve also found tons of crafts I’d like to try.

Yesterday, I made my own laundry soap (is that a craft?).  I get pissed off every time I buy laundry soap because I feel like it is such a waste of money…and I’d rather buy nail polish because it’s a better investment.

When I found this recipe at Being Creative to Keep My Sanity, I was so excited!!  Mostly because it looked like I could actually do it without creating a bomb and blowing up my house.


The only “difficult” part was grating the soap.


And while that took a little while (I used the hand grater method), it wasn’t difficult and it smelled pretty good.



It did weird me out a little that it looked so much like grated cheddar cheese.   I was tempted to create nachos for G to try out, but decided to be nicer than normal.  I’m also pretty sure G would have eaten them and not noticed anything was wrong until he was sh*tting his pants.

After grating the soap, I poured all the other ingredients into a 5 gallon bucket lined with a garbage bag.  The most difficult part about that was opening the damn boxes.


Then I just stirred it all up.


And that was it!  Now we have about a year supply of laundry soap (I hope) for the excellent price of $20.63.


Now that is a great deal!

Oh and if you want to follow me on Pinterest, I’m listed as CatasTrophy Wife.  If you do not have an account and would like an invite, I’m happy to send you one, just comment or email me!

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13 Responses to Saying Goodbye to Tide

  1. Katie M says:

    I love Fels Naptha! I make a liquid detergent out of it. I think it works better and you don’t have to grate as much soap! Added bonus. For spot treating stains take a bar of Fels Naptha and stick it in a cup with some water then take the slimy end thats been sitting in the water and rub it on the spot!

  2. kaitwatts says:

    Thanks for posting this. Have you tried the detergent yet? I am always looking for alternatives to the chemically soaps out there, and this is a great idea!

    • Just tried it on some sheets this morning and it worked great! Haven’t tried it on anything that needed heavy duty washing (like dog towels), but will post again when I have. So far, so good!

  3. Kristey says:

    I starting using this detergent in January….LOVE it, and hasn’t broken anyone out! Found your blog thru skinny runner….thanks for the daily laugh!

  4. Rain says:

    I want to hear how it works for the stinky stuff, like dog blankets, etc….I have been tempted to make some.
    Damn pinterest, I just started going on there and it’s SOOOO addicting!
    The recipes are amazing though!

  5. RicoleRuns says:

    You made your own laundry soap???!!!’ that is so freaking impressive. Have you tested it out yet? Notice any differences from regular soap? I should do this.

  6. I would love an invite! My email is

    Props on making that soap….did it end up MUCH cheaper?

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  9. Thanks so much for recipe, gonna make this as soon as I run out of the “cheap” laundry soap that I have to add all kinds of stuff to to make it clean…Going to the store to buy laundry and cleaning products makes my blood boil…can’t wait to try this.

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